My Pen

It’s been a while since i spoke with my pen
We are best friends, i am the moon and he is the sun
We interchange appearance, when he talks i listen. And when he listens i preach
My mouth is my weapon but my pen is my speech
Like a beautiful poem written with flower water and peach
Sunlight is not as bright; moon light is not as right
We finally spoke today and it wasn’t a bright night
He said this aint right
Where have u been the last night, and the night before
We had a bound; I don’t feel it no more
I said you’re my man, 50 grand
Last we spoke I was 30, now I am 31
I changed a bit, but I am the same one
I still miss you, but I got me a better one
Nothing personal, but you’re my pen and she is my one
And only
I will leave you alone, but you will never be lonely
Because I will keep on visiting, coz you’re my homey
Together, we turn a thought into a theory
And the theory into a true picture
That a real person can relate to and turn into an adventure
This is not a poem, this is a lecture
So listen to the Proff, and you might catch a fracture
Of my thoughts, because it’s like math, a dumb mind’s torture
Until I am ready for a new venture
Or try to reshape my future
I won’t say good bye my pen
But I will see you late