My Shuffle

Singers make you shuffle because they think with their short muscle
ProffG will make you think, because he is preparing you for a life full of hustle
This is why I am on this planet, to help people with their suffer
And it’s not fun, it’s a struggle
People listen only when in trouble
And when they listen they mumble
Rather then thank god for their blessings and stay humble
All the wrong examples are visible
They are celebrated, loved and accessible
And the right examples are invisible
What we want is not what we need and what we need is not desirable
Because it is not fashionable
And what we want is regrettable
Sin is fun only if you are
I won’t sin to have fun, I would sin because I am weak
And when I see people suffer I bleed
Internally till I feel my vein’s heart beat
I can’t help it that i care
The question is when you were needed were you there
Most of us wouldn’t even dare
To help someone in a scare
Bou-azizi was not the end of an era, he was the beginning
And it will continue to happen till we care for one another
And love each other like how a baby is loved by his mother
Share our joys and pains today, tomorrow and forever