To My Chadians

This is for the once who suffer
The ones who hustle
And use their mind more than their muscle
The smart once who never sniffed Glue from a bottle
The once who don’t have their day on a replay, but on reshuffle
To the once who do whatever works, because everyday is a hustle
This is a tussle
Between me and everyone who hated us
They want to put us down, but we are going to finish first
Because our knowledge is not only in our mind, but in the pain in our chest
We seem lost and confused, only because we are looking for what’s best
Everyday for us is an exam, and we must pass the test
Because everyday is a struggle for a Chadian even if he was the best
what they see in movies we live everyday, our life is a game of chess
My life has been a mission impossible, ask my dead friends
Or the ones in jail or the ones on a boat right now going to where they were born but never provided them with a pence
My life has not been a diary of a princess or Prince
It has been more like the entourage without Turtle, Drama and Vincent Chase
Do you feel the taste?
Life for us is not Hollywood, its Halloween; everyday is trick or tree
We fight for survival everyday like if we are bulls in the ring
Mount Everest is nothing to climb for black men
Because everyday we try to avoid racism, police and the institutionalized bogie men
We do that while we are grinding and not giving up, that’s what angers them
You see, suffering + hustling+ deep thinking = to a black man
Add struggle to it and you will end up with a Chadian man
So I am doing this to all the Chadian men
The ones who held their pride high and refuse to bend
The ones who are intelligent enough to say f&%$ capitalism and the Freemason
Their DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Ours stands for Do Not Approach
Or that’s how I made to think on public transport
So the next time they try to put you down or try to make you look like a fool
Tell them I am a Chadian YOU Bi%$#!  And I am always COOL