I am an old school technology
You think you don’t need it no more
But you can’t live without it
Because everything is based on it
Think about it as a new platform
That can change into many forms
You take the new and leave old
I embrace the new and keep the old
That’s what i am told
You need the past to have a future
So if my past made me ProffG what did your past do to ya
I heard a poet once saying life is a bitch from the start, that’s why you come out of your mama crying
Well mine aint a bitch, and i am keeping her
Because it taught me to think, analyze and be good to her
ProffG is a metaphor
For everything that happened before
And everything i am living for
I will give you more
ProffG is not what you want to be
ProffG is who i is and will be
The definition of truth is in me
La ilah il allah, mohammed rasul allah
So what do you want from me
Besides trying to copy me
I will tell you what you want
You want to say the truth but u cant
Because i put it on me like a hat
That’s where i am at
So where is you
Hiding behind commercials lies, telling your self what happened in Darfur and Niger won’t happen to you
Well that’s what people said before us, so why don’t we learn
Because people like ProffG are not always heard
Because we’re anti-corruption
We say the truth and cause interruption
To their plans, but that’s my destiny, I was born to liberate my land
I will use everything I have, my mouth, my pen and my hand
This is the definition of my word
If you didn’t get it yet, then it’s not in your world