Back in the day, I use to run around like a headless chicken
Not knowing where I am from made me unaware of were I am heading
Like a homeless man begging, For whatever and whenever
However, Who is perfect? Not me! but that held me from growing
Strength is not in power & money, it’s in knowing
So my chicken-head turned into a lion-head
Fierce yet wise
Dominant yet nice
No time for small talk, only for action
So i am no longer a slave to my temptations; I grew up when I was 13
Too young to know but too old to believe in my Deen
People complaint about the wisdom tooth? I was born with it
So my wisdom is beyond the reach of any fool
That’s why they call it a philosophy, as in, this aint for you fool
My metaphor is like a teen’s text
You might be able to understand the 1st line, but nothing next
So metaphorically, I am the best
Not in everything, but in everything I choose to be the best
That’s how god made the human mind, what you think, is what you get
So it’s like a bet
The difference is, you are a guaranteed winner
So if you think you’re the best, you will be one soon
But if you think you’re otherwise, then you will die a fool
And time and time again people prove me right
That their foolishness is not just an oversight
It’s an intentional act, said & done in daylight
Even when they can hide, they use a flash light
To ensure their Foolishness is so clear and bright
Because they know for people like me, it’s a delight
To look at their foolishness, and think that I am alright
Because i don’t let anyone decide my life
Only god can take it, since he is the one who made it right
ProffG is going to break it down for you tonight
And he will settle the debate so fasten your seat belt and sit tight
Fools are NOT dumb, they are just retarded
They look like us, they talk like us, but their thoughts have expired
In their little world, everything is solved with a mental fight
So don’t be a fool, and this is a ProffG original copyright