A bullet in my chest is all I need to be free
I am not a coward or someone looking for a good deal
I want the hard way out; I want to be a Shaheed
That was Obaidah’s dream
He went for it and left us bleed
Of sadness on him,
While he is in haven looking down on us with a smile on his face,
He never wore a chest vest
Because he knew life is not worth this
Life is not fair anymore, no justice, no common sense
Kids are shot in the head by snipers
Pregnant women are kicked until the baby’s life vibes
I saw an old man being kicked until his eyes popped out
For what?
Because they said NO to give away their land
They never started it, they never refused their hand
They were left alone, until the grass turned to sand
He told me ones, why you like Palestinians
I told him because justice is on their side
If the “Truth” would have a different name, it would be Palestine
He said well you’re my brother
I said you’re my brother, from a different mother
He acted with us and his voice had base
He sounded like a pro, with a beautiful face
But we will always take your case
With us, anywhere we ago
Until we are also in a hole
Waiting for justice
To be told