Confusion is a state of mind
It’s like feeling empty inside
You think you know,but then you don’t
You think its OK, but then its ain’t
Confusion is a mile stone to reality
It’s when you dream of a fantasy
And then you end with a tragedy
Confusion is when your mam is black, and your dad is black too
Confusion is to know that you are the only truth
Confusion is the thin line between bin laden and bush
It’s the time it took Hitler to be such a dupe
It’s now, but later
It’s a meter short of one decimeter
It’s the theory of relativity with probability
Its Saddam coming back
its life with no blacks
its me being you and you being me
Confusion is a state of mind you can reach to and beat
Because it’s a tangible you can shoot through and defeat
So reach to it, and don’t be it
Or you will wake up the next day confused