Life is like math, sometimes it makes sense
And sometimes it leaves you senseless
Life is like a palm tree
It gives shade and dates, but her surface is tough
Like if you’re doing a signal problem, with proff
Or maybe it’s only an Acute Angle
With your days Diagonal
You add up the years like a cubic square
Only to find your life becoming a route square
Or perhaps life is like a box of chocolate
You can analysis the weight and find the lactic
Or you can check the box if it’s classic
Or check for nuts like in old tactics
Life is like the speed of light
Never a negative value if you think right
Like an absolute value
You add and subscribe, but it’s the same ratio
Life could be a reality you can solve Analytically
But it has ups and downs, so I do it Graphically
In Table of Integrals
Because life is a Definite Integral
You can Approximate by Differentials